•    CAFE VIENNA – Rich coffee beans infused with whipped cream & chocolate curls
•    CASPIAN SILK – White Jasmine, Apricot, Sandalwood & Mandarin with Sweet Pea
•    CELEBRATION – Perfect for any celebration
•    CLASSIC COTTON – Crisp & clean bergamot, lemon, cyclamen & sandalwood
•    COASTAL BREEZE – Fresh ginger, clove & patchouli
•    FAERIE WISHES AND KISSES – Warm & aromatic saffron & myrrh
•    FRESHLY BAKED SHORTBREAD – Indulgent & luxurious all-butter soft & crumbly shortbread
•    GINGERBREAD COOKIE – Creamy caramel, mixed spices, ginger & rum
•    HOT CINNAMON – Vibrant & spicy, warm & comforting woody notes with hints of clove & orange
•    LEMONGRASS – Fresh, lemony notes of musky patchouli & cedar on a warm base
•    LEMON SUGAR – Fresh & Fizzy lemons
•    LIME, COCONUT AND VANILLA – Sun ripened lime, coconut & vanilla pods
•    LOTUS BLOSSOM – Blend of bergamot, lychee & mandarin with base notes of caramel & vanilla
•    MELON, MANGO & BLUEBERRY – Fresh melon, mango & luscious berries
•    MORNING MIST – Floral heart of fresh jasmine, lily, sweet amber & vanilla
•    PARMA VIOLET – A modern twist – violet, bay & ylang ylang

•    PINK POMEGRANATE – Dark fruits, pomegranate, sweet amber with sandalwood & plums
•    PLUM CHAMPAGNE – A warm centre of cassis, may rose, lily & vanilla
•    RASPBERRY SUPREME – Raspberries blended with banana, citrus & double cream
•    STICKY APPLE TART – Hot from the oven – tangy, hand-picked apples, caramel & toffee
•    TRUE LOVE – A romantic blend of strawberries & pineapple
•    VANILLA WHISPER – Invoking memories from childhood – home comforts & warm holidays
•    WATERMELON – Light, refreshing thirst quencher

Seriously scented candles

  • Candles in a tin with 50 hours burn time. Everybody loves a good scented candle and that’s exactly what our new and beautiful candle range delivers. Whether you're giving a gift to someone else or just treating yourself, scented candles never disappoint. So if you're looking for a long-lasting candle that will fill an entire home and looks as exquisite as it smells with a luxurious and relaxing scent, look no further. Get LIT with our wonderful fragrances to help you create the perfect ambience and glow and make your home smell incredible and inviting...So whether if your looking for something rich and warm, fresh or fruity, we have the perfect scented candles

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